Teville Gate, Worthing

With a challenging build programme and global pandemic thrown into the mix, the transformation of a central Worthing brownfield site into a modern, five-storey, office development required an experienced client team with the capabilities to deliver a project of this scale. Using innovative, flexible materials, MacConvilles worked with the contractors to devise efficient solutions to overcome the challenges of a restricted site.


Cost Management and Quantity Surveying,


Teville Gate House Limited


£30 million

Team member

Ben Coombs


87 weeks

Our role

Quantity Surveying, Employers Agent, Principal Designer


Comprehensive Design Architects


McLaughlin and Harvey


Negotiated two-stage design and build tender

Worthing’s future landmark building.

As a landmark building in Worthing, HMRC’s new specialist site will be home to 900 employees, in a five-storey development that will provide just under 100,000 sq ft of dynamic and energy-efficient office space. MacConvilles have played a fundamental role as part of the project team, working closely with the architects and contractors to ensure the design, program and buildability ensured both value and quality.

With restricted access on two sides of the building, MacConvilles worked with the project team to assess the viability of using precast concrete panels. As well as speeding up the construction of the building, the 240 panels used for this efficient method reduce the need for external scaffolding and expedite the internal finishing too. With the insulation also encapsulated into the panels, it enables this building to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency.

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