CDM and Principal Designer

CDM and Principal Designer for commercial, health, education, leisure and community building projects

Proactive health and safety management is about more than ticking boxes. With proper planning, management, monitoring and coordination you can achieve solutions that deliver long-term benefits as well as meet your legal obligations.

Safe by design

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM) provides a framework for managing health, safety and welfare on all building and construction products. When undertaking the role of Principal Designer, we can ensure your project complies fully with all of the latest regulations.

MacConvilles are focused on providing up-to-date advice and dealing with challenges pragmatically. Our skill lies in meeting the necessary statutory requirements effectively, while minimising bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork.

Our team brings a wealth of technical knowledge to your project; wisdom they have developed from years of work on highly-complex projects and by keeping up-to-date with the latest industry insights.

They will help you to meet your budget, quality and programme objectives of your project while also ensuring the highest levels of safety and welfare.

Alternatively, if you prefer to retain a more active role on your project but still require support we can assist Principal Contractors with their duties at any point throughout the project.

Whether your project is domestic or commercial, it will require CDM 2015 duties to be fulfilled. With the support of our professionally qualified Project Safety Advisors, you can be confident that your project adheres to these essential requirements.

Our skills and expertise

  • Undertaking the role of Principal Designer
  • Performing client duties on their behalf
  • Assisting the Principal Contractor with their duties, e.g. construction phase plan preparation

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