Windlesham School, Brighton

Acting as Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers we were appointed during pre-construction to provide cost planning advice on an approved planning application. MacConvilles sought quotes from the wider design team and the design was progressed through RIBA Stage 3 ready for tender under a JCT Design & Build. Challenges included a narrow restricted access and working in an operational school where noise and potential nuisance required careful control.



Windlesham School

Team member

Charles Haywood


59 weeks

Our role

Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Contract Administrator and Principal Designer


Crowther Associates


Cheesmur Building Contractors


Design and Build

Challenges included a narrow restricted access and working in an operational school where noise and potential nuisance required careful control. This necessitated effective risk management techniques. 

Working closely with the School, Design Team and Contractor, the project was extensively value engineered to achieve the available budget without compromising quality or whole life cost. 

The project was completed on budget. With the lockdown and cessation of work during COVID-19 the project team have proactively dealt with any challenges that have arisen and reduced any delay to the project to one month, maintaining a high standard of quality and finishes. 

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