The Sea Lanes, Brighton

The Sea Lanes Brighton, located in the heart of the UK’s iconic seaside city, is a groundbreaking development that brings together leisure, well-being-focused commercial businesses, and the beach’s natural beauty. At its core, Sea Lanes Brighton features the UK’s First National nestled right on the beachfront.

The complex also includes five separate buildings connected by steel walkways on the first floor. These buildings are constructed using Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) to provide excellent insulation and offer several lease units for local businesses with an emphasis on well-being.


Bank Monitoring, Project & Programme Management, Quantity Surveying


Sea Lanes Brighton Limited



Team member

Ben Coombs and Robert Francis


56 weeks

Our role

Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Bank Monitoring


Evolution Architecture


Sea Lanes


Construction Management

Macconvilles played a crucial role in laying a solid foundation for the success of the Sea Lanes Brighton project. By adopting a collaborative approach during the preconstruction phase and conducting cost-planning exercises, we ensured the project adhered to the budget and set it up for success.

Throughout the construction process, our effective Project Management and Quantity Surveying services were vital in coordinating activities, selecting subcontractors, producing cost reports, engaging with clients and end-users, and liaising with stakeholders.

Despite significant challenges, particularly within a highly volatile period in the construction industry, MacConvilles acted as Bank Monitor for Tridos Bank to address material cost fluctuations and other financial uncertainties through robust financial forward-planning strategies, mitigating the risk of potential cost increases.

The Sea Lanes project exemplifies effective collaboration, meticulous financial planning, and proactive risk management amidst industry challenges.

Through close work with our excellent customers and professional partners, we were able to overcome the various technical challenges that arose to begin drawdowns. This scheme is a great example of Triodos Bank’s commitment to providing bespoke financial solutions to businesses that are having a demonstrably positive impact on society and sustainability.

Adam Standley, Relationship Manager at Triodos Bank UK

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