Seymour House Leisure Centre, Westminster

Seymour Leisure Centre is a Grade II Listed building built in the early 1930’s. Built to an art-deco design it is described by English Heritage as exhibiting a, “…Renaissance ‘palazzo’ style”.

Following a Fire Risk Assessment, existing fire doors and compartmentalisation were found to fall short of current fire safety standards. MacConvilles reviewed the current compartmentalisation and existing hardwood multi pane doors. and were delighted to be able to achieve a sympathetic upgrade of the fire whilst creating notional fire doors of the original doors within the building.


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Westminster City Council



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Toby Rollestone


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Built to contain two pools with the larger constructed so to be converted into cinema, sports or meeting hall as desired, surrounded by spectator galleries with metal balustrades. With a large sports hall, gym, finess studios, martial arts, squash and swimming the current centre caters for all the needs of the local community.

As a listed building and with such ornate doors it was clear that replacing the doors and finding certified fire doors would not be possible so refurbishment of the existing doors was suggested. This involved detailed discussions with the Fire Officer, product manufacturers and the Conservation Officer to come up with a package of works that each agreed and would achieve the requirements of Fire Safety for the building.

Work initially began in an occupied building but soon the lockdown of COVID 19 took effect. All works ceased for a while but we realised that with poor passive fire protection a now unoccupied building was at greater risk to fire and so works were agreed to proceed. Many challenges were encountered, mostly due to doors that had become warped or heavily damaged that required considerable work to repair and straighten them. Once compartmentation works began we found many areas where previous service risers lacked protection with old and redundant plant and equipment blocking the way.

Recently completed the doors now have a fresh lease of life and all those involved are proud to have managed and repaired the doors, retaining the character of this wonderful listed building.

The gymnasium featured on Killing Eve is a five-court sports hall, set in the heart of the sports centre and was the venue for the launch of Team GB’s Olympic kit for Rio in 2016, designed by Stella McCartney,

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