Madeira Terrace Lift

The refurbishment of the copper roof on The Maderia Terrace lift was the crowning glory, completing a long restoration project on this Grade II listed building

With a keen eye and architectural background our surveyor quickly spied faults in the original design. He was able to specify an alternative roof detail using traditional materials whilst retaining the building’s outward visual appearance.



Building Surveying, CDM & Principal Designer


Brighton and Hove City Council



Team member

Toby Rollestone

Our role

Designer & Building Surveyor


RB Construction

Working in collaboration with the copper roofing specialists and at the edge of what is possible, our surveyor’s specification delivered a beautiful roof which will ensure that no matter what our coastal weather throws, it will remain ship shape and water tight.

This project is included  ‘Practical Building Conservation Roofing’ (2013) publication on traditional roof coverings of historic buildings by English Heritage.

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