Hemel Hempstead Crematorium

MacConvilles are delighted to announce that Watford Borough Council has been granted planning permission for a new crematorium in Hemel Hempstead.

We have been working alongside the council as part of the project team since 2019 to create plans for a new crematorium on the edge of Hemel HempsteadWe are delighted that planning permission has been granted for a new Crematorium in Hemel Hempstead. The development will provide the local area with a new chapel crematorium & memorial gardens.

The brief has been interrogated against the backdrop of previous crematoria designed by Haverstock over the last 20 years. A priority has been placed on clear circulation for visitors to avoid mourners from consecutive services overlapping and creation of efficient staff management and circulation routes for effective day-to-day running and operations.  Establishing and maintaining a strong sense of place using landscape and building features has been given careful consideration, as has the sites challenging characteristics.


Cost Management and Quantity Surveying,


Watford Borough Council on behalf of West Herts Crematorium Joint Committee (WHCJC)



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Ben Coombs

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