Boston Manor Park

Hounslow Borough Council commissioned the project to rebuild and revitalise various structures within Boston Manor Park, enhance its landscape and improve its biodiversity. Receiving funding from The National Lottery, the park’s restoration has successfully revitalised the once-neglected space, creating a welcoming environment for visitors and providing a range of recreational opportunities. Through close collaboration between contractors, cost consultants and the design team, the project overcame economic challenges to deliver a transformed park that meets the diverse needs of the local community.


Contract Administration, Cost Management and Quantity Surveying, Project Management


London Borough of Hounslow



Team member

Ben Coombs and Craig Baker


94 weeks

Our role

Quantity Surving, Project Management and Cost Management


Kaner Olette


Borras and Blakedown Landscapes



The restoration of Boston Manor Park has transformed it into a vibrant and accessible space that celebrates its heritage, biodiversity and location. The park café was renovated into a modern hub for exploring the park with a dedicated learning and activities space for local schools and groups. A derelict service yard building was refurbished into a functional potting, planting and park maintenance area with staff welfare facilities.

The walled garden was refurbished with a focus on functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Bothy building was repurposed as a versatile space for children’s parties and garden events. The garden is now a vibrant and comfortable space for entertainment and relaxation, providing an inviting atmosphere for park visitors.

Landscape works included path improvements, woodland and lake restoration and new basketball courts.

Beyond its physical transformation, the restoration of Boston Manor Park has also unlocked its heritage, maximised its incredible biodiversity and capitalised on its pivotal location to provide a vibrant asset that reflects the community’s needs.




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