What do Quantity Surveyors do?

You may have heard them referred to as Cost Consultants or Commercial Managers, however a day in the life of a Quantity Surveyor, (QS) is more varied than you might think.

With their finger on the pulse of development and construction issues, QS have the knowledge to provide expert services on the financial and contractual aspects of a project, providing peace of mind to the client that their budget, schedule and scheme will be a success.

At MacConvilles our team of Chartered Surveyors provide:

Contract and Procurement Advice

A QS provides advice on the type of contract to suit your scheme and the clauses and warranties you need to protect you and your project. So, whether you are following a design and build, or traditional procurement route, safeguard your success by talking to a QS early on.

Cost Management

A QS ensures your projects are affordable and offer good value for money. They help you and your design team assess and compare different options, track variations, and ensure that costs remain under control as your project progresses.

Expert Advice and Expert Witness

Whilst we would recommend appointing a QS early in the design process, they can become involved at any stage of the design or construction phase and beyond.

So when progress becomes a little contentious, a QS can provide crisis management techniques to help redirect projects that have lost focus or where costs have spiralled. With their skills and knowledge, they can offer expert advice detailing where and why costs have changed and uncover any potential cause, reporting to clients, solicitors or courts as required. .

Bank Monitoring

If funding is required for a project, a lender may ask for outside advice to ensure the money loaned is released in a timely manner and that they aren’t exposed to undue risk.  In this role, the QS appointed by the lender provides a financial overview of the works and ensures valuations aren’t over-priced and that payments are made as per the agreed contract.

If you are currently in the planning stages of a new project or you are struggling with the finer details of a current project, it may be time to hire one of the highly professional and knowledgeable Quantity Surveyors from MacConvilles. However big or small your project may be, our QS services will protect your interests, ensure your projects are affordable and offer excellent value for money. 

With a wealth of experience spanning eight decades, we are the trusted name for surveying throughout London and the South East. Visit our website at www.macconvilles.com for more information.