University of Sussex- Design and Build of Library Study Space.

The newly remodelled Library space has been designed with quiet study in mind.  Featuring individual and group study facilities, height-adjustable desks, power outlets, recharging stations over 100 new study spaces have been created. Continuing to pay homage to the original Architect Sir Basil Spence, the new design incorporates exposed timber stud features and seamlessly links the old and new.

University of Sussex Library Quiet Study Area

Associate Building Surveyor Pat Begley led the transformation. Keeping to a short 15 week program and ensuring minimal disruption to the day to day business of university life, the project completed in early September 2019.

The well thought out design  and clever use of colour provides a light airy feel despite the room’s low ceilings. The new facility also benefits from the installation of mechanical ventilation, accessible toilet facilities and a new heating system. And all in time for the influx of new and returning students.



University of Sussex
Our role:
Building and Quantity Surveying, Principal Designer, Employers Agent
Cheesmur Building Contractor
Design and Build
15 weeks

MacConvilles Project Lead

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