University of Brighton Mithras House

What it is

A new insulated liquid roof covering has been applied to the north end of Mithras House to include thermally efficient roof lights with improved ventilators serving the architects department below.  With knowledge the building contains HAC (High Alumina Cement) the works were required to be lightweight to avoid overstressing the structure.

Mithras House is the main administrative hub of the University of Brighton.  The School of Architecture and Interior Design are also located in the building and are directly below the area where the roof works were undertaken.

What we did

MacConvilles acted as Project and Cost Managers and Building Surveyors for the works to upgrade the roof coverings to the North Wing.  The project included the replacement of the barrel-vault roof lights and the removal of redundant air handling plant.

University of Brighton
Our role:
Cost Management / Project Management / Building Surveying
Tasker Catchpole Ltd
7 weeks
Key aspect:
Crucial internal works were completed ahead of schedule to allow staff and students to return.

MacConvilles Project Lead

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