Croydon Town Hall

Croydon Town Hall designed by local architect Charles Henman was built in 1895.  The main buildings, Clock Tower, War memorial, statue of Queen Victoria and Library are Grade II listed and of special architectural and historic interest.

Many changes have occurred to the building over the years and it now serves to provide accommodation for the Mayor’s Parlour, Debating Chambers for the local elected Council along with other administrative offices.

Macconvilles completed a full building condition survey of the exterior including the Clock Tower which rises 65 feet above ground level.  This required  the use of high access equipment to view the elevations and roof at close hand and abseilers to view the facades to the Clock Tower.

Detailed specifications were prepared for repair and refurbishment of the stone work and exterior elevations and works completed in 2014.

Croydon Borough Council
Our role:
Building Surveying

MacConvilles Project Lead

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