University of Sussex, Bramber House

What it is

Situated on the campus of the University of Sussex, Bramber House is a four storey building providing a number of functions to students, staff, operators and end users, including catering, dining, conferencing, retail and offices.

What we did

MacConvilles assisted the University in achieving the refurbishment of the Fourth Floor of Bramber House from a catering area to a comfortable open plan office for their management team.

Working within a “Design and Build” framework MacConvilles carried out a condition survey to foresee any remedial work before working with the Client as Lead Designer to produce RIBA plan of works Stage G documents.

Following a successful tender the contract was awarded to Cheesmur Building Contractors.  MacConvilles continued to work with the Client team to ensure a high level of quality and design was maintained and find solutions for unforeseen issues.

Bramber House
Level 4, Bramber House

Bramber House Level 4 has now been completed but MacConvilles continue to assist the University working on the design and development for the other three floors of the Bramber House building.


Bramber House, University of Sussex

Cheesmur Building Contractors


University of Sussex
Our role:
Building Surveying
MacConvilles Surveying
Cheesmur Building Contractors
Design and Build
Twelve weeks

MacConvilles Project Lead

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