Newly Refurbished Shawcross IT Suite Now Open to Students.

4th May 2017

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Newly Refurbished Shawcross IT Suite Now Open to Students.

University of Sussex’s newly refurbished IT Suite unveiled.

Staff and students have moved back into the newly revamped Shawcross building. Giving improved access and facilities the building now provides a range of work and study settings to suit all.

Benefiting from the MacConvilles Collaborative Approach.

Taking advantage of our multi disciplinary services the University enjoyed smooth and seamless professional advice.

In providing all Consultancy, Design and Surveying services the University took advantage of the benefits a multi disciplinary practice can offer. Delivering these services in a bespoke and co-ordinated package contributed towards an efficient smooth running project.

Shawcross Reception Plans Visualising the finished project with 3d Modelling-save time and money

Our in house Design and Architecture team create beautiful, functioning 3d designs as standard. Gaining from our investment in Revit meant the University was able to visualise the designs. 3d models provide a clear picture of the final building for you to explore and create opportunities for design revisions before work begins therefore saving you time and money.

Read more about the benefits of 3d modelling here with our blog Escape the 2d trap

Protecting your Project Budget with MacConvilles Quantity Surveyors

Using Cost X our Quantity Surveying Team provided accurate and responsive budget advice. This meant that the University remained in control of their budget and were able to ensure value for money.

A clear vision, well coordinated project team, accurate budget advice and regular on site presence guaranteed the smooth running of this project.

“Maximising savings and minimising disruption without compromising standards was key to the success of this refurbishment.” Pat Begley MacConvilles Building Surveyor

MacConvilles have been providing expert Design and Surveying services throughout the South East for over 75 years. Make sure your project benefits from this knowledge and experience. Contact Us today for a free initial consultation.

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