#BYOCC -The MacConvilles reusable, recyclable coffee cup, saving money and the planet.

12th October 2018

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Join us in earning discounts on you takeaway coffees whilst protecting the planet.

MacConvilles are always looking to reduce our environmental impact. From championing sustainable construction and development, to adopting new technologies we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint. We have invested in cloud based services to move towards a paperless office and we have cleaned our local beaches. However as heavy consumers of coffee and tea we have sometimes thrown away plastic lids, stirrers and cups.

Our staff were quick in adopting reusable mugs but often noted when out and about and onsite many others hadn’t. So as little thank you to all those out there we meet with, we thought a MacConvilles reusable, recyclable bamboo cup would be just the ticket.

Many coffee shops are now offering between 10p – 25p off a takeaway coffee when you use your own mug.  So, using your mug along side @BYOCC’s interactive map to find your nearest coffee shop is kinder on the planet and your pocket.

Get your free coffee cup (whilst stocks last)

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