BallCam – for those hard to reach places.

21st January 2016

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BallCam – for those hard to reach places.

MacConvilles Building Surveyor, Aston reviews BallCam our new camera.

The BallCam aerial inspection camera enables detailed views of hard to reach areas. It is a favourite of building inspectors, surveyors, roofers and contractors. The camera produces high quality pictures and videos which can be streamed to multiple mobile devices with an option to save them for future reference.

The camera mounted on an 8m extendable pole enables you to capture images of gutters, roofs, valleys, chimney stacks and other high level building details without leaving ‘terra firma’. These images can be taken at up to 18MP with a zoom of 10x, perfect for revealing that bit of extra detail.

MacConvilles purchased the BallCam early in 2015 and have found it an invaluable tool for buildings inspections, allowing you to view areas of buildings that either had no access, or would have required erection of scaffolding at a cost. Pictures details are superb with great sharpness and colour. Combine this with the zoom and you obtain accurate images to examine and report on.

Whilst Ballcam has been a welcome addition to our surveying tool box it does have some limitations. On full extension, keeping the camera steady can be difficult, particularly in high winds, whilst image transfer time at higher quality can be slow. However compared to drones it was simpler to use and control whilst still producing clear images. Cost comparisons also come out favourably for the BallCam. As in the use of all remote cameras, diligence in making sure private areas are not intruded on must be considered!

In conclusion, the BallCam has been a purchase well worthwhile, eradicating the need in many instances for scaffold or cherry picker access. Whilst it has limitations, the benefits far outweigh them. BallCam will remain a well used item in the MacConvilles tool box.

Case study: No roof access to inspect the slated pitched roofs and rear box gutter. BallCam provided us with a birds-eye of the roof which otherwise could not be seen at all without cherry picker or scaffold access.


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