Ten companies pull out of training scheme

3rd December 2012

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Fears of a labour crisis in building surveying have increased after it emerged that 10 companies pulled out of a key training programme this year.

The Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) said only four out of 18 of its candidates interested in pursuing a career in building surveying were offered a placement at a company this year. The companies that have withdrawn have not been named.

David Tuffin, president of the RICS, called on employers to reconsider. He said: “It’s a tremendous pity that companies are pulling the rug from under the feet of students.”

Richard Carter, director of the CSTT, said the shortage of placements was a problem throughout the sector: “We used to have lots of places for building surveyors, while QS schemes were scarce. But it goes in cycles.”

The scheme is used by 53 companies, attracts 400 applicants a year and places about 50 students in training placements across all surveying disciplines.

Mark Kisz, a building surveying assessor, said: “Many employers do not want to offer training any more. It’s turned into a sort of merry-go-round, with employers nicking people off everyone else at higher levels.”

Gary Fraughen, head of building surveying at Cyril Sweett, said it is currently training 11 candidates within the CSTT building surveying scheme, and is keen to continue.

The lack of training places comes at a time when the government is calling for the doubling of apprenticeships by 2020.

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