Team Building, Building our Business and Baking.

22nd July 2022

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Team Building, Building our Business and Baking.

Our talented team is the core of our business. They share a desire to deliver exceptional service and bring value to every project, including team baking!

Reconnecting and looking to the future

Over the past couple of years we have not seen as much of each other as we would have liked and whilst we have all mastered remote working there is nothing like a proper get together. Sharing ideas and future business development over a mixing bowl at the Brighton Cookery School we created not only delicious delights but a shared vision of our future.

And the future is looking pretty outstanding!

From exciting large scale developments and ground breaking net zero carbon projects, to challenging and addressing industry standards, MacConvilles continues to deliver amazing projects and influence change to benefit our profession, our community and the clients we serve.





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