Why Use a Quantity Surveyor?

4th July 2017

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Why Use a Quantity Surveyor? Because your build isn’t a makeover show.

Leaving the drama on the TV.

Managing the cost of your project is one of the biggest issues in building or renovating a building. Dreams can all too soon become nightmares if budgets are blown and costs are left to spiral. However the financial disasters we watch unfold on TV makeover programs are easily avoided with the simple addition of an RICS Quantity Surveyor.

Keep hold of your wallet.

When planning a project you will have likely thought of how much you would like to spend. You will have also probably considered another figure; the absolute limit of what you will or can spend.

The difficulty comes in getting an accurate idea of what your dream will cost and then getting it to fit your budget.

From the drawing board to a working budget and beyond.

Firstly, have a clear understanding of how much your completed project will cost. Getting your Architects designs interpreted by a Quantity Surveyor will always pay divCost Management Reportsidends. From the designs your Quantity Surveyor will create a ‘shopping list’ of materials and man hours which is then priced. Nothing is hidden and you can see where every penny of your money will be going. At this point your Surveyor should also be able to put forward suggestions as to where you could save money, which is never a bad thing.


A good budget estimate will expose hidden nasties

'Quantity Surveyors best placed to create your schedule of works

Secondly, ensure that everything your project requires for its success has been included. The specialist knowledge and experience your Quantity Surveyor possesses enables them to look beyond your Architects designs and drawings to identify elements not prescribed but nevertheless essential to your project. Untrained eyes could overlook these elements and their associated cost. Any omissions can lead to spiralling costs and broken dreams.

Ensure your budget estimate is as realistic as possible. This will help avoid unnecessary heartache later down the line. Discovering whether your scheme is affordable as it stands gives peace of mind. However not all is lost if your budget can’t quite stretch far enough. Often with a little creative thinking your dreams will be back on track.

Continuing the good work.

Finally continue to closely monitor and scrutinise your budget to avoid unnecessary overspend.  Don’t lose the benefit of the solid financial footing you have created. It is important to keep a close eye on your spending.  Your Quantity Surveyor is ideally placed to continue this throughout  your builds duration. Their knowledge and expertise means they can anticipate and manage any threats to your budget and prevent hefty unforeseen invoices landing in your inbox.

Spend a little and save a lot.

Making a Quantity Surveyor a core part of your design team ensures your budget is controlled from the outset. Don’t be surprised when their cost savings and careful budget management mean that you have recouped their fees and minimised your budget worries.

What’s not to like?

Take the financial worries and stress of your next project and contact us today. To see the full range of services carried out by a Quantity Surveyor please see our website or give us call.

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