Meet Jai Bray the latest new recruit for MacConvilles Surveying!

4th April 2019

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We are extremely proud to welcome Jai Bray to the MacConvilles family.

With an impressive career beginning in real estate, she entered the surveying industry through University as a mature student at the age of 24. She believes that if she had been introduced to surveying as a potential career at school, or if she had a family who understood the industry, she would have started studying at a much earlier age. However, she also thinks that having a more mature outlook and a bit of life experience has helped to make her a better student, on course for achieving a first degree when she graduates this year.

She decided building surveying was the career for her when searching for something with a bit of variety that would allow her to stretch her creative design wings. She likes the fact that the job is both technical and analytical, with a lot of different designated roles. Her logical but personable character makes her the perfect person for the career, but she is hugely outnumbered on her popular university course, with only one female for every four males.

Keen to prove she is just as capable as the men, Jai focused on attending every single lecture and reading around the subject as far as possible to increase her knowledge. She has gained on-the-job experience at Grumitt Wade, helping out on Disabled Facility Grant projects, which gave her a sense of worth in her role, making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people. She also spent her placement year with Wilmott Dixon Interiors, taking a different view of the construction industry and building her knowledge of health and safety, as well demonstrating her ability to be cool, calm and confident in challenging situations. She contributed to an £80m government project on a grade II listed building that involved the removal of asbestos and lots of unique building issues.

Now working with MacConvilles in her third year, she is discovering how to create an appropriate life/work/study balance, requiring both discipline and flexibility to be successful. She is not afraid to work hard to achieve her goals, currently completing her final year dissertation using her knowledge of the industry, and we know she will be an important member of our team because she genuinely loves what she does.

Welcome Jai.

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