Is BIM the future? We think so and want you to begin your BIM journey with us.

3rd January 2017

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Is BIM the future? We think so and want you to begin your BIM journey with us.

In 2010 MacConvilles began their BIM journey.

Read the first blog in our ‘BIM for all’ series. Find out why your next project should also be the start of your BIM journey.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a relatively new kid on the construction block. It has cut its teeth on large scale developments and is proving its worth. With smaller projects now investing in the process isn’t time you explored what it could do for you?

In simple terms BIM is a process which manages the development of a building. The process ensures information is clearly structured, organised and shared. BIM equips your project team to deliver high quality buildings efficiently.

Your end users also benefit from the BIM process in that it provides a clear understanding of how your building will perform. This means no nasty shocks once they have moved in.

BIM is for you!

At MacConvilles we bring the benefits BIM offers to all your projects. In the first of this series Director Toby Rollestone discusses BIM and 3D modelling and how BIM will benefit you.

When is a plan more than a plan?

Last year MacConvilles formed a specialist BIM team and since then have been creating information rich 3D plans for all projects.

These plans are so much more than an approximate visualisation of a finished article. Replacing all our 2D plans has meant that a true likeness to the finished building can be walked through before a tool is picked up! Our 3D plans allow you to fully appreciate the look of the finished building from layout, to the colour of walls to how furniture fits the space.  However the benefits of 3D modelling go even further.

MacConvilles BIM Model-from-computer-to-reality


The really clever bit starts with the first line of the drawing. When we begin to draw your project on the computer the program starts asking questions. It asks:

What are you drawing?

What is it made off?

Using online product libraries we specify your choices from bricks to electric consumer units, windows and wallpapers. When the drawing is complete the program is then able to create itself a plan, elevation, section and 3d model of your project.

There’s more..

The program is also able to quantify all that has been specified. That means every brick, window and door has been counted and costed giving you real control over your budget.

That’s not all folks..

Your 3D model is now shared online and updated by those on your team- engineers, architects, kitchen designers. Any amendments they make to the plans are then examined by clash detection software removing that on site ‘oh no it doesn’t fit’ factor.

So BIM modelling is more than just 3D modelling. It’s a time and cost saver, reducing stress and the unknown.

Contact us today to discover even more benefits BIM brings to your projects.

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