MacConvilles Announces Strategic Directorial Transition and Expansion Plans

18th July 2023

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MacConvilles Announces Strategic Directorial Transition and Expansion Plans

MacConvilles is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its development with a strategic directorial transition and plans for expansion. Joint Managing Directors Toby Rollestone and Ben Coombs will be stepping back from their day-to-day operational roles within the company to focus on driving strategic initiatives and propelling the business forward.

MacConvilles has appointed two highly experienced professionals to fill the vacant director roles to ensure a seamless transition. With their extensive expertise and proven track records, Pat Begley and Robert Francis bring a fresh perspective and invaluable leadership to the organisation. Their appointments mark a new chapter for MacConvilles as it continues to flourish in the industry.

By stepping back from working in the business and dedicating their efforts to working on the company, Toby and Ben will play instrumental roles in supporting the opening of a new office in Southampton. This strategic expansion is a testament to MacConvilles’s commitment to meeting the growing demands of its clients and further strengthening its presence in the market.

Additionally, Toby and Ben will focus on the project management team’s continued development and the retrofitting service’s enhancement. With their guidance and expertise,  MacConvilles aims to provide even more comprehensive and innovative solutions to its valued customers.

Toby commented on the transition: “MacConvilles has reached an exciting phase of its evolution, and we believe that the timing is right for us to shift our focus towards strategic initiatives. By appointing Pat and Robert, we have assembled a talented leadership team to drive the company’s growth and ensure a bright future for MacConvilles.”

Ben added, “The opening of our new office in Southampton presents tremendous opportunities to expand our reach and cater to a wider customer base. We are confident that our expertise, combined with the dedication of our team, will continue to deliver exceptional results and further establish MacConvilles as a leader in the industry.”

As MacConvilles enters this exciting phase of its journey, it remains committed to delivering first-class services and exceeding client expectations. The strategic directorial transition and expansion plans testify to the company’s unwavering dedication to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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