Joining up the Dots

10th November 2022

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Each year Director Toby Rollestone returns to Brighton University where he studied as an undergraduate, to guest lecturer for Duncan Baker Brown’s Architect Students.

Starting his carer as an Architects Technician, before undertaking a degree in Building Surveying, Toby has a good appreciation of design and the extended role of an architect. This alongside his expert knowledge of building pathology and material performance offers a unique perspective allowing him the join the dots between initial design and the life cycle of a building.

Both Toby’s and Duncan’s shared belief in a circular, pragmatic approach to design and construction as key to the industry’s future is the theme for this years talk.  From the role of Principal Designer and Architect to Building Surveyor we should “join up the dots” and view the timeline as a continuum rather than distinct time limited roles. When we understand how we all fit into the picture of the life cycle of a building, we can design and build for today, tomorrow and the day after.

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