Heritage on Display: MacConvilles Helps Hove Tell Its Story

28th April 2024

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Heritage on Display: MacConvilles Helps Hove Tell Its Story

Hove, a place steeped in history and brimming with character, deserves to have its stories told. That’s why the Hove Civic Society, founded in 1960 and a registered charity since 1995, is dedicated to showcasing the town’s beauty and heritage. Their goal? To pique community interest in everything that makes Hove and its surrounds so special.

One way they achieve this is through informative boards scattered around town. To help the Society revamp these displays, MacConvilles stepped in – completely free of charge. We understood the importance of preserving and making Hove’s heritage accessible to everyone.

A Day in the Life of a Heritage Board Surveyor

We assigned our enthusiastic graduate surveyor, Abigail, this rather unique task. It wasn’t your typical building survey. Abigail spent a day travelling around Brighton and Hove on a mission to assess the existing heritage boards.

“One of the things I love most about working at MacConvilles is the variety of projects I get to work on,” Abigail shared. “This heritage board survey was definitely outside the box, but it was a fantastic opportunity to learn and build on my knowledge. Spending a day navigating Brighton and Hove and examining these historical markers gave me a new appreciation for the area’s unique features.”

Securing Hove’s Future

Abigail’s report will be crucial for the Hove Civic Society’s bid to the Heritage Lottery. The grant funding will allow for the much-needed refurbishment of these informative displays. Once restored, the boards will act as portals to a bygone era, keeping the town’s unique character alive for generations to come.

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