‘Giving Back’ MacConvilles Volunteer Vaccinator

1st February 2021

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We have all been finding our own ways to navigate these times, from learning new skills to getting fit, donating to food banks to running errands for our neighbours. As a well known supermarket puts it – ‘every little helps’.

In recent weeks the St. John’s Ambulance have been recruiting volunteer vaccinators to support people as they go through the process of receiving a vaccination. The MacConvilles team has always looked at ways to ‘give back’ to our community and once again one of our own stepped forward. Now a fully trained Volunteer Vaccinator committed to delivering vaccinations at least twice a month, we are delighted to be able to pull together as a team to donate these hours needed to take on the role.

Having ‘got the t- shirt’ it won’t be long before we are all one vaccination closer to the end of COVID.

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