Getting the Right Fit- Designing and Planning your next Project.

27th April 2020

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Getting the Right Fit- Designing and Planning your next Project.

Getting The Right Fit

Did you know that we spend up to 90% of our lives inside buildings? Whether we are at home, school or in the office, we want to ensure the right fit for each purpose. This is a key point that comes as part of the planning for any new refurbishment or development.

In our current isolation period, there is no better time to appreciate the correlation between our built environment and our physical and mental wellbeing. It is much easier to see how our surroundings affect our productivity, particularly if you have suddenly found yourself working from home. The financial implications associated with health and productivity within our environment have long been a topic of research, and should be taken seriously.

Made-to-Measure Service

There is a lot of planning involved in getting the right fit for a building, and that is why it is an important investment to have a good surveyor on your team. Surveyors have all the required technical expertise that allows them to identify potential problems and come up with innovative and practical ways to solve them, all the while keeping the budget in mind. They are able to look at every building with a fresh pair of eyes and treat each project as a unique challenge that requires a bespoke response.

When Minor Becomes Major

The difference between a well-designed property and one that is well-built but has a minor defect can be bigger than you might think. Small defects can have big impacts. They can completely change the way that property performs and how it is occupied and can create associated costs that can be expensive and impact on other parts of the building. What might seem like a simple repair job can quickly spiral out of control.

Our commercial clients are investing more in their tenants’ wellbeing, knowing that how they feel about their space is vital in commanding good rents and predicting the length of tenancies. Business and educational facilities need to provide an inspiring environment for current and future employees and students, promoting physical and mental health whilst increasing productivity.

So, before you start your next project, consider the end purpose. This should be a primary consideration before the first brick is laid or any renovation is undertaken. 

We might now be working from home, but we are keen to help you in the planning stages of any building enterprise. We are able to discuss your projects over a variety of technological platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, email and even over the telephone. We know that specification, time and cost are all high priority for any building project, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Let’s keep the industry moving and continue building great spaces from the comfort of our homes. 

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