When a Victorian Terraced House divided a Brutalist Office.

17th June 2014

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Phoenix in Brighton

The exterior of the Phoenix Building, is currently being repaired and redecorated under the watchful eye of MacConvilles. The scaffold shroud is due to be removed in late Summer revealling a more colorful exterior for this vibrant creative hub.

Having been shrouded in scaffolding and banners for so long it is hard to remember what the building looks like. And remebering what stood on the site in the 60’s and & 70’s is even more difficult to recall.


Back then on the junction of The Level and St Peter’s Church, stood a row of 19th Century houses due for demolition to make way for an office block in the fashionable ‘Brutalist’ style.  However this development would not be staright forward. One lady, a resident since the 1900’s  was determined to remain in her home.

So what happened?

Not allowing anything or anyone stand in the way of progress could mean only one thing . The proposed office block development was adapted and was constructed around her! It’s hard to imagine that happening today.

  [Photograph courtesy of  the James Gray collection / Regency Society]

The home remained until the late 70’s. Only then could the block be completed with a connecting section of office constructed revealing the building we know today.

Click here for details about Phoenix Brighton and Phoenix Arts :  http://www.phoenixbrighton.org/

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