Construction Design and Management (CDM) Part 2- You and your Principal Designer

20th May 2022

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Your Principal Designer- and getting more than you thought you would!

Appointing a Principal Designer is more than just a statutory requirement or your safeguard for all things health and safety on site.

It is the appointment of your personal guide to the CDM process from inception to completion and the added value they offer which can make your scheme safe, smart and budget friendly.

From Inception…

Did you know making decisions at design stage can affect overall project cost and ongoing health and safety implications. For example, removing the need to access a roof for maintenance and instead siting plant and equipment in a ground floor location, both removes the need for expensive access equipment and makes it safer for those carrying out the work in the future.

Your principal designer will also ensure that your design team are carrying out their duties and work closely with the principal contractor to ensure that they have the information they need to execute the works safely. Clients have considerable influence on how important Health and Safety is on their project and this can filter down through the project team.

MacConvilles is experienced in working with commercial and one off clients. These skills and knowledge means our CDM advisors are never shy of showing you their worth, helping you fulfil your statuatory duties whilst also adding value and reducing costs.



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