Construction Design and Management (CDM) Part 1- Managing Health and Safety in Construction.

28th April 2022

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Construction Design and Management (CDM) Part 1- Managing Health and Safety in Construction.

So, you are having building work done and you’ve appointed your CDM duty holders. What happens when the project starts on site?  How is the contractor doing? With penalties for CDM non-compliance ranging from fines to imprisonment, how can you be sure your project is safeguarded against these risks?

Under CDM 2015 regulations all projects with more than one contractor will require the appointment of a Principal designer to manage the Health &Safety aspects of the design. This role is often carried out by the lead designer or lead contractor, but in many cases, they may lack the relevant health and safety experience required to adequately discharge their duties.

With over 20 tears experience McConville’s Principal Designer team helps clients fully comply with the CDM regulations, undertaking the Principal Designer role in full, completing CDM audits and providing consultancy services and professional development workshops.

So, whether you

  • Are a client/developer that is looking to outsource the role in full, or a designer who is looking to delegate some of the CDM responsibilities to focus on the project from a purely design aspect or
  •  already have your Principal Designer in place but need a CDM audit trail to help demonstrate a proactive approach to fulfilling your duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations, or
  • a practice wishing to review their procedures and practices in relation to CDM or looking for Professional Development workshops

Our dedicated team can create a bespoke package to meet your requirements. Contact our Senior CDM advisor Natasha Webley to chat through what you need to make your project tick all the Health and Safety boxes.

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