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21st November 2021

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From beer and crisps to bubble tea and panini – times and taste change. And over the past few years MacConvilles have helped update some popular student bars and cafes, creating new haunts on our local university campuses.

Bar 76

MacConvilles has a long relationship with the University of Sussex and always enjoys working with the student body to create something a little different. At Bar 76, we worked alongside the Student Union team to create a design which embraced the principals of the circular economy, remodelling, reusing and repurposing to create a new vibrant and unique space with green credentials.

Northfield Bar

Northfield Bar is another University of Sussex project MacConvilles were delighted to be part off. Working with the student union to replace the well loved but well worn East Slope bar we worked to repurpose reuse and recycle. Again embracing circular economy principles we created this new vibrant social space designed with students in mind.

Book and Bean Cafe

RefurbishedBook and Bean Cafe University of BrightonMacConvilles has also worked closely with the University of Brighton updating student spaces such as the popular Book and Bean Cafe.  With a new bespoke kitchen, preparation area and serving counters the cafe has been transformed into a modern and welcoming space to meet, relax and grab a coffee.


New and improved doesn’t need to come with a huge price tag and with repurposing and recycling the way forward perhaps we should take a lead from the up and coming generations?

Here at MacConvilles we are always keen to work with our clients to build in sustainability and affordability so what is good for pocket is also good for the planet. Contact us to find out how we could work with you to ensure your project has green credentials.

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