What Is BREEAM: MacConvilles Beginner’s Guide to BREEAM

25th April 2017

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What Is BREEAM: MacConvilles Beginner’s Guide to BREEAM

Are you planning a new build or refurbishment project? Chances are you may have stumbled across ‘BREEAM’. In this post we explain what it is and how your project would gain from a BREEAM rating.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is the world’s most established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings. It aims to ensure this through mindful design, construction and operation for new build and refurbishment projects.

Do I need to use BREEAM on my project?

If you are building or refurbishing a property your project may need and or benefit from BREEAM certification. 

BREEAM certificates are needed on all Government and many Regulatory Authority new builds and refurbishment projects. However there is a growing sector of those looking to certify their project voluntarily as appreciation of the benefits BREEAM affords them grows.

What will it do for me?

Projects gaining certification benefit environmentally, economically and socially. Invest in BREEAM and reap the rewards.

Environmental Rewards

A BREEAM certified building will ensure your new and refurbished buildings are more environmentally sustainable.

A BREEAM certified building:

  • produces less construction waste
  • maximises opportunities to reduce embodied carbon
  • and reduced operational carbon

Your BREEAM Assessment maximises opportunities for you to reduce your carbon footprint and recognises commitment to sustainable construction with your property achieving a BREEAM rating.

Economic Rewards

A BREEAM certified building is a valuable asset that will cost you less to run. 

Whether building for yourself or another keep the running cost of your property low.

Buildings which use less CO2 

  • cost less to run
  • and command premium rents.

A BREEAM certification will help future proof your building and safeguard your investment. 

If your building isn’t equipped for the future it could face devaluation or even become a stranded asset. Protect your property whilst forward planning with BREEAM certification.

Social Rewards

A BREEAM certification will improve the image of your building and organisation.

This has become increasingly important to organisations aware of how their image impacts their business. For example Universities in a bid to remain attractive to their environmentally aware students have ensured new projects gain BREEAM certification.

Making BREEAM work for you. 

Getting a BREEAM rating needn’t be a difficult process. Find out how achievable BREEAM certification can be today. Follow our link and read ‘Getting the best out of BREEAM: Our BREEAM Top 10 Tips‘.

With our team behind your project you too can benefit with BREEAM.

Speak with our BREEAM assessors today to find out how they can help you to come up with new and innovative ways to create sustainable buildings and achieve certification.

Ben Coombs Quantity Surveyor


Ben Coombs Associate Quantity Surveyor

Sustainable Development Team Lead.

Ben  works throughout the South-East and London as a Quantity Surveyor and BREEAM Assessor/Advisor.

BEEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551).
The BREEAM marks, logos and symbols are the Copyright of BRE and are reproduced by permission


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