Together, Anything is Possible

19th December 2021

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This year has whizzed by so quickly- and on a whole it’s been a good one. That’s not to say it’s been without challenges but as ever the team has pulled together. We have continued to evolve and grow welcoming more surveyors to the team in response to the increase in workload. We have also expanded our support services team to now include four Sarah’s! What do you think the odds of that happening were? However, all Sarah’s are not the same, and over 2022 will introduce them to you all. 

Looking back over the year we are so proud of what we have achieved. From completing projects whilst remote working to forging new friendships with clients and operating in ways we have never done before we have ensured that, no matter what, business continued — just a little differently. We have been creative and adaptive, proactive, and focused, embracing the new to improve to once again see that when we work together anything is possible.

This year we have decided not to send Christmas Cards and instead will donate to our chosen charity Together Co. who also believe that when you work together anything is possible. This local charity provides befriending, social prescribing and volunteering services in Brighton, Hove and beyond. Our donation will help them to rebuild a more connected city following the devastating impact of Covid-19.  ‘In a city of nearly 300,000, no one should should be lonely or socially isolated’.



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