Escape the 2-D trap. Your clients will thank you for it.

4th September 2016

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Escape the 2-D trap. Your clients will thank you for it.

All professions have their own jargon, peppered with technical terms and acronyms.  As surveyors, architects and engineers it’s all too easy to assume that every client will follow what we’re saying.

Traditional 2-D drawings are a case in point. If you don’t work with them every day, they’re hard to decipher. For clients that can lead to a gap between how they imagined a building would be and what it’s actually like.

Result?  Disappointment.

Software helps you to speak the same language.charles-haywood

In a previous article (link to Mind the gap) MacConvilles Director, Charles Haywood, outlined how BIM-ready 3-D software makes communication between consultants much more straightforward.   The same applies to clients:

“What it saves is the extra costs, delays and disappointment once a project gets on site. What happens traditionally is that the client will say. ‘We’ll sign the drawings off and we will go out to tender. Then we will get a builder on site’.

“So it all starts happening and the contractors knock walls down and start building new walls.  Then the client will come on site and say, ‘I didn’t think it was going to look like this.  Can we move that? Can we change this?’.   That’s understandable.  The clients are paying for it and know what they want.”

 Better results when you collaborate.   

At MacConvilles we use Revit as a matter of course.   The 3-D modelling came into its own recently during the refurbishment of a residential care home.  The owners wanted to plan the space very carefully on behalf of their residents.  Read More

Charles led the quantity surveying side of the project.

“We could go to their trustees meeting and put the whole thing up on the screen in 3-D. The trustees could visualise it immediately and see what they were getting.  They could also experiment in 3-D, widening the corridors and moving things around in different rooms.

caer gwent 3d“So thanks to the software, there was far more engagement from a wider representation of the trustees. They felt they could contribute without feeling stupid because they weren’t used to looking at 2-D drawings.

“So that is a benefit from our perspective, because it means that the project runs far more smoothly on site and leads to much greater client satisfaction.

Revit to the rescue.

Over the coming months, we will show how 3-D software has helped our clients in a range of sectors – including one busy university where staff and students had lots of questions but not much time to spare.

If you’re involved in construction and would like project management advice on how to make the lives of hard-pressed clients easier, give us a call today on 01273 692611 or send us an email….

By Miranda Birch


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