Navigate Dilapidations with Confidence.

Dilapidations, a potential hurdle in commercial property leases, can cause concern for both landlords and tenants. At MacConvilles, our team of RICS Chartered Surveyors brings extensive experience to navigate this process and protect your interests.

Tailored Solutions for Tenants:

  • Clarity on Liability: Gain a clear financial understanding of potential repair, maintenance, and reinstatement costs associated with dilapidations. This empowers you to plan for the future, accurately reflect liabilities on your financial statements, and strategise a smooth lease end.
  • Informed Break Clause Decisions: Make informed choices when exercising break clauses in your lease by understanding the financial implications of dilapidation obligations.

Maximising Landlord Reimbursement:

  • Detailed Schedules of Dilapidations: We meticulously prepare and serve Schedules of Dilapidations outlining necessary repairs, maintenance, and reinstatement works required by the tenant upon lease termination, break clause exercise, or during the lease term for property deterioration.
  • Strategies for Maximised Reimbursement: Our in-depth knowledge of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 helps you identify strategies to maximise your repair reimbursement.

RICS-Compliant Expertise and Dispute Resolution:

  • Professional and Ethical Conduct: Our dilapidations services adhere to the latest RICS guidance and civil procedure rules, ensuring professional and ethical conduct throughout the process.
  • Dispute Resolution Specialists: Dilapidation disputes can arise. We can assist in negotiating a fair settlement or provide expert witness testimony if the matter proceeds to court.

MacConvilles offers peace of mind, ensuring your interests are protected throughout the dilapidations process. Let our experienced surveyors guide you towards a successful outcome.

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Dilapidations Advisor with 25 Years' RICS Chartered Experience

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With over 35 years in the industry and in his 25th year being Chartered, Spencer Orman brings a wealth of knowledge to the dilapidations arena. 

His diverse background in professional building consultancy, coupled with construction and refurbishment projects, portfolio strategy, and private wealth, provides diverse skills and commercial applications that inform his thinking.

This breadth of experience translates into a keen understanding of commercial value. Spencer leverages this to effectively represent clients, whether they’re tenants navigating lease-end obligations or landlords seeking to recover costs from departing tenants. His approach helps protect both parties’ interests throughout the dilapidations process.

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